About Kris


I grew up along the banks of the Stillwater River in Northwestern Montana. The river was swift and pristine. Languid in summer, it swelled in spring to flood, break through small dams and carry entire trees downstream. Farmers sprayed its marshy edges with DDT.

For most of my adult life I have lived and worked near the Skagit River in northwestern Washington State. The Skagit feeds a rich, often conflicting, ecosystem of wildlife, agriculture, hydroelectric power and commerce.

I walk daily on a trail just a few steps from my studio. It winds along an earthen dike that protects fertile farmland, fed by the Skagit River, from the saltwater beyond. It is a luminous, magical landscape and I never tire of it. It is far from wild, however. The dike is man-made, Navy A6s cut through the sunset and the sounds from a nearby highway can drown out the chatter of shorebirds.

These two rivers, and the landscapes through which they flow, have defined much of my thinking, values and artistic decisions.

Today, I’m fascinated by the edges of highly cultivated farmland edged by historic dikes of varying ages and integrity. This “cusp” of landscape, so mysterious – is the farmland gaining on the saltwater beyond? Or, are the floating pieces of farmland, now islands lost to the salty tide, a gesture of surrender? The layers of old dikes must have once inspired hope and agricultural triumph. Now, as coastal waters rise, they seem a bit fragile.

Before becoming a full-time artist, I was lucky enough to work at North Cascades Institute where I collaborated with a highly creative group of people dedicated to conservation. I also served as director of the Museum of Northwest Art where I saw how other artists have related to the environment of this unique place.

My work is inexorably linked to where I live and what I have learned here.


2019 Smith & Vallee Gallery; Edison (WA) with sculptor Marceil Delacy (August).

2019 MUSEO Gallery; Langley (WA) with Michael Dickter (July)

2018     Smith and Vallee Gallery; Edison, WA, with master sculptor Philip McCracken (May)
Anacortes Arts Festival: mural commission for permanent installation, Anacortes (July)

2017     MUSEO Gallery; Langley, WA
Smith and Vallee Gallery; Edison, WA

2016     MUSEO Gallery; Langley, WA
Robey King Gallery; Bainbridge, WA

2015     MUSEO Gallery; Langley, WA
Smith and Vallee Gallery; Edison, WA

2014     MUSEO Gallery; Langley, WA
Smith and Vallee Gallery; Edison, WA
Anacortes Arts Festival Focus Gallery; Anacortes, WA
Front Gallery; Mount Vernon, WA

2013     Smith and Vallee Gallery; Edison, WA

2012     Moses Lake Museum, “Drawings from Grand Coulee;” Moses Lake, WA (Large scale work completed on site while camping and hiking in the coulee region.)

2011Smith and Vallee Gallery; Edison, WA

2008     Skagit Valley College Art Gallery; Mount Vernon, Washington, “What You Don’t See: Field Drawings from the Upper Skagit” (Large-scale work completed on site including a 15-foot three-dimensional field journal.)



Smith & Vallee Gallery, “Strange Bird;”
MUSEO, “Playlist;”     

Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, “Home;” Bainbridge, WA (through May)
MUSEO Gallery
Olympic College Gallery; Bremerton, WA
Museum of Northwest Art,”Printmaking;” La Conner, WA

Perry Carlson Gallery, “Resist;” Mount Vernon, WA
MUSEO Gallery

Smith and Vallee Gallery
MUSEO Gallery
Anacortes Arts Festival Art at the Port; Anacortes, WA
Perry Carlson Gallery, “Skagit Women Print;” Mount Vernon, WA

Roby King Gallery, “Northwest Printmakers;” Bainbridge, WA
Shoreline Community College: “Skagit Women Print;” Shoreline, WA
Depot Gallery; Anacortes, WA
Smith and Vallee Gallery, “Winter Birds”

Moses Lake Museum, “Layers of Perception;” Moses Lake, WA
Anchor Art Space, “Skagit Women Print;” Anacortes, WA            
Smith and Vallee Gallery, “Sky”

Atelier 6000, “Northwest Icons;” Bend, OR
Smith and Vallee Gallery, “Bird Show”
Anchor Art Space, “Shaping the Northwest Landscape;” Anacortes, WA

Smith and Vallee Gallery, “Northwest Printmakers”
Center on Contemporary Art, “Alive, Dead”

Edison Eye Gallery, “ New Work by Skagit Artists”

Smith and Vallee Gallery, “The Bird Show”

Smith and Vallee Gallery, “Confluence: Artists of the North Cascades”

Smith and Vallee Gallery, “Field Season: New Work from the North Cascades”

Edison Eye Gallery, “Heads”

Edison Eye Gallery, “Three Women Print”


“Layers of Perception: Five Northwest artists explore grids, webs and line.”
Moses Lake Museum, WA (2014)


 North Cascades Institute
Hospice of the Northwest
Anacortes Arts Festival
Furlong Butler Attorneys
Skagit Law Group
City of Anacortes


 B.F.A., Pacific Lutheran University
Studied intaglio printmaking with Mauricio Lasansky, Keith Achepohl and Stephen Hazel

 Cornish College of Allied Arts, Seattle
Studied painting and drawing with William Cumming